Bobby Pearse Community Center Survey Results

Thanks to all those who took time to complete the survey…approximately 40% of our members.  Of the survey responses received, 86% wanted to keep the center, 3% were against and 11% were unsure.  About 64% have attended meetings/events there.  Below are the comments that were also received:

How can the center better serve your needs?

I don’t know. During the year (mid-August through mid-June) I rarely have time to attend events that aren’t related to my kids or my professional obligations. I could possibly be interested if there were events in the summer.
Repair and provide bathrooms accessible for park users.
Be a dog park
Updated— less dark. More signage. A true community center that communicates with the neighborhood better.
More parking
Continue to be available to the community
ability to rent it, more family oriented events
I’m usually not interested in any meetings or classes since I’m a senior and usually these things don’t apply to me.
Offer senior programs
Spruce it up!
Being available for events is a plus
Offer some of the same classes that Sears Shelter currently has.
The center is a vital part of the North Main community. Just having access to such a place is valuable in and off itself
Kids corner for days when at the park and it is too hot/rainy.
Birthday parties
Again it is not great for renting since there are no windows or a patio toward the park.
In past years before we moved to n main area iwas personally aware of its use by the community and then I believed it an asset for the local community and think that this need for various locals use is needed.
Great place for meetings classes…
Off visual art classes for adults, offer the area for locals to sell their art near Christmas, offer classes on other interesting topics but not cost too much !
It simply needs to be available again.
Considering all circumstances, probably good time to rebuild / start over.
There needs to be more publicity especially for underserved nearby neighborhoods and offering of more after-school programs for at-risk children. These are “my needs” because this is a matter of the neighborhood as a whole.
if it were remodeled and used as an event space also
Be open more often. Afterschool, Christmas, spring break and summer camps are always hugely popular! Daytime classes for adults and preschool would be great too.
open the restrooms for public use
It is an outstanding facility and should be preserved to continue meeting the needs of the neighborhood.
My needs are met at other centers.
I think the BPCenter is important to continue the importance of “Neighborhood”
Allow beer and wine on premises for neighborhood events and when rented for private functions. Increase the number of attendees allowed for after school programs. Take better care of the facilities the neighbor paid for years ago.
Provide more opportunities.
Not sure
Continue to be an option for the community to use for any purposes that fit the needs of the community
Offer classes during the day, not only at night.
To have it open and back in business serving the community.
The center needs to be demolished and rebuild to serve the NMC better. The NMA can work with city and county as well as those folks in the NMC to raise funds and get grants to rebuild a facility
Offer yoga and art classes
Public restroom
Better publicity regarding events, whether open to the public or not.
More promotion – I don’t know how I can utilize
Rent it out for neighborhood parties
I think we should have voted there vs Stone Elementary
The one time I was there, it was so antiquated that I would not want to rent it for any party or event.
Get repaired so classes and meetings can resume.
After school care
Maybe a nature corner, reading nook or other education space for those really hot summer days when we are in the park with the kids.
Community events to get to know our neighbors/ events where parents and young kids could connect
Working restrooms available. Availability for meetings.
Perhaps survey the NMCA for ideas and suggestions.
By having adult social programs.
offer evening exercise programs
Newsletter with events happening
Offer more classes if possible.
Needs updating to coincide with the growth of the North Main community
Birthday party
Can’t think
Gathering area to promote change within the neighborhood.
I need a great wedding and reception location (and affordable) soon! And I love my North Main neighborhood. Maybe you could help us tie the knot?? 🙂
Bathroom open 24/7 for park users, after school programs, adult programs

Please leave any additional comments you may have regarding the Bobby Pearse Community Center

I think it is a loss to the neighborhood to have a facility damaged, but my understanding is that it already had problems: very limited parking, limited facilities. I’m not convinced that the resources to upgrade it are worth it if basic limitations can’t be solved.
I will support the majority here. Those with younger families..
We LOVE Bobby Pearse!!!!!!
turn into a dog park
we love jonathan jones and the summer program!
I’m interested in the center being available to those young people who want it. Although I’m not an active participant, I do want others who want to use it to have that opportunity.
Before the tree fell on it the Center was looking pretty sad as it was. It is a sad, outdated, poorly maintained facility.
The whole thing is just sad. It was never used for the purposes and the extent the Hillcrest Community Club envisioned.
I have seen firsthand how students have been enriched by having programs there at the center. I would hate to see that go away
Fix the Building and promote its use for social use of wholesome an educational activities.
I think is greatly needed in the North Main area..
I’d like to see a monument explaining who Bobby was and why it was named for him. (Even if a building is erected.)
I do not think abandoning it should be an option.
Very few neighborhoods have an indoor space that can be used and this Center needs to be re-built. It offers a place for community cohesion. Please rebuild.
The materials were donated by the Pearse family in honor of there son and should not be torn down! This is another example of the city building new parks for millions of dollars and not maintaining the old neighborhood parks…
We loved having birthday parties there in the past and would love to rent it again! It’s a wonderful gathering place for the community, much more than just bathrooms.
We love our neighborhood and parks. Please preserve them.
See if Stone Academy PTA would like to purchase it for the school.
It is a shame the city hasn’t spent some of our taxes on facility and grounds upkeep instead of using a disproportionate percentage in other neighborhoods and ignoring our needs. We are the only neighborhood to pay for our own building and routinely donate money and labor to our park and look what it got us – less than nothing!
What is the opinion of the folks at Stone Academy re Bobby Pearse.
Need a renovation that is more usable.
I hope a solution can be found to save the center.
Love this building. Want it open again.
Just left in 7
Would like to see it repaired because it is an important community resource
Important asset to our community
Just fixing the roof is not enough. Even before the tree fell it was in a a run down, sad shape. It needs more help than minimal repairs.
Tell me more
Keep this ole classic center
I’m not selfish … the government should BEST spend its money. If this isn’t it, other would be better
The community originally paid for the structure. The city seems to have plenty of money for new parks but has never adequately maintained this one. The damage should have been repaired long ago after it first happened. It’s an asset to the community which should be kept!
It’s a shame the subdivision behind the park can’t keep their invasive species to themselves – that and the now-defunct BPC are the reasons we don’t use the park anymore.
I’m not a parent, but am aware of after school programs for children at the center. I think this is important.
I definitely think it would serve our community so much better as a center as opposed to green space.
Very valuable for after school programs
I think it is important to the community to rebuild the center for both children and adults.
having some place for after school programs is import, especially a place within walking distance from Stone Academy
It’s part of our community
A community staple
I would be happy to help turn the venue into attractive, modern, desirable space for special events! And my fiancé is a carpenter! He and his company could probably help out, too!
I think if the center is renovated and maintained, any events that are adequately advertised would be well attended. It could be a great space for community get togethers.

What types of programs would you like the Bobby Pearse Center to offer in the future?

I don’t know.
the protection of trees, over-building. The last meeting I attended was over-run by Duke Power, who showed up in full and just plain took over.
dog park ones
child care options and camps
Parents night out offerings like in the past.
Not applicable as described above.
NMCA meetings.
I would like to see faith based groups use this for connect groups and social events
craft, exercise,
Athletic clubs for kids would probably go over well. More programs for seniors.
Self defense, nutrition and wellness type classes, beginners Tai Chi and or meditation, and maybe some guest speakers from city gov from time to time.
Yoga classes
Camps Veteran’s Services Community Events
Neighborhood meetings and group activities for children and adults.
Community history and youth programs as well as adult educational programs that offer opportunities to learn as well as socialize that may or may not belong to a Country Club in this area.
Art classes for all ages, seminars and meetings
See number 7.
Rentals, meetings, classes, especially exercise and arts and crafts.
More programs aimed at children, as well as programs such as yoga, adult education and the like; programs for those who cannot afford OLLI at Furman but who would benefit from and enjoy such classes.
Neighborhood social events.
See above. After school and camps for school-age kids. Daytime classes for adults and preschoolers.
after school children’s activities
Not necessarily a program; but, restrooms available on the outside of the building (or closer to the ball field) is vital to this part and facility.
I think this is a redundant question
Yoga, art, neighborhood info and history, gardening, children’s programs…
Nature / ecology for kids and adults. Programs designed to teach and explore the natural sciences. There are opportunities there to teach about urban wildlife and habitat on land and in water. The importance of water quality and stream biology. Snake identification and their role in a balanced ecosystem. Bird migration and the importance of habitat conducive to them. Insects and their role in forests and yards as well as their interaction with adults Youth fitness and sports for even the less fit kids who often don’t fit into team sports. Yoga and similar programs. Adult enrichment programs like learning to write literature, weaving, chair repair and other crafts, gardening basics and simple landscape design considerations, info about native plants and those which have been bred and cultivated and how the 2 often differ in appearance and cultural needs. The role of the sciences in everyday life. Teaching kids how to identify poisonous plants like poison ivy and poison oak so they can avoid 3 weeks of misery in their summer. Creative programs for all ages.
really like cpr or medical attention type classes
Adult and youth activities. Small adult activities in the evening such as Book Club, Exercise, meetings, social hour, environmental / lectures, etc.
Not sure.
Programs that tell the history of this area and create potential for future improvement in this community.
After school programs for children; meeting space; adult classes – exercise, art, other of interest to the community.
Dance classes. Dog obedience.
Children’s after school Pilates classes Tennis classes Community meetings Venue location Adult educational programs
After school care, adult fitness classes, art lessons
CPR..Yoga..after school programs
North Main Association meetings.
North Main community parties
Yoga Game night (board games) Bingo
Yoga, pilates and similar classes. The after school enrichment programs should be continued and if space is limited, city residents should have first dibs. Our community pays a lot in taxes which should help support it.
Yoga classes, shag lessons, book club, bible study, small kitchen to prepare & serve refreshments at functions. Children’s birthday parties, family get togethers, garden club.
After school programs for school age children, teen programs, and adult programs.
affordable after school programs for needy working mothers. Evening exercise programs for adults.
Kids camps
Fitness classes
Art Classes Computer Classes Game nights
Mostly geared towards children
LGBT awareness and tolerance awareness programs.
See #7
community social gatherings.
Bobby Pearse Community Center Survey Results
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