Beware of Power Meter Scam

The following was shared by a resident:

Good morning! Wanted to give you a heads up that a guy came to our house this morning saying he was with “Scope, a contractor for Duke Energy” and that he “needed to replace our power meter”. When I asked for his badge he said he forgot it this morning. I asked if I could see a work order or if he had a phone number at Duke that I could call to verify. He used his cell phone to call “Jeff personal” and let me speak to them, but I ended up turning him away bc I was on my way out and he wanted to go into backyard.

I called Duke afterward to verify work order and he was a phony. They are replacing meters, but it’s a different contractor called “Grid 1” and we were not on the list of homes to be replaced yet.
If you get someone similar don’t let them in without ID and verification. And if you can try to get better pic, maybe license plate? Or even call police. I got this pic, but couldn’t get plate.
We are on Parkwood Dr.

Beware of Power Meter Scam
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