Amy’s Response to BZA Qs

District 1 City Council Member Amy Ryberg Doyle was asked the following Qs and her response is below:

Based on the recent decisions by the BZA (which has not only overruled multiple neighborhood associations but also multiple city staff recommendations), will we be seeing new BZA members who: 

Do not make their living in commercial/private real estate (the majority of them do now)?

Show up at critical BZA meetings (The Brookside meeting had to be canceled since not enough BZA members showed up)? 

Are more closely in tune with neighborhood associations and the city’s master plan than with builders and developers?

Interviews are now being conducted for one available BZA seat with others becoming vacant this year. Can you give us a status update on this and what you are looking for in a BZA candidate?
Mike –

Regarding your question…..

City Council is always looking for good people to serve on the Boards and Commissions. Council seeks a diverse range of work experience.  It is equally important to have a variety of neighborhoods represented.   For most Boards, the member must be a City resident.  Council will then interview candidates and vet them in executive session. 

During this session, City staff will give input as to what type of experience may be lacking on the Board.   

I am thrilled several folks from the North End have interviewed in the last weeks for various positions.   In two weeks, City Council will make one appointment to the BZA and two appointments to the ATAX committee.  We have openings on all Boards and Commissions throughout the year;  I encourage anyone willing to be considered to apply.

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Amy’s Response to BZA Qs
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