Town Hall Meeting Topics Covered

Thanks to all those who braved the rain to come out to the NMCA Town Hall Meeting.  And also thanks to Council Members Amy Ryberg Doyle and Lilian Brock Flemming, and to Eric Conner and the Greenville News for moderating and livestreaming.  Thank you to Stone Academy for hosting. We received many positive comments on the meeting from audience members.

Many topics were addressed in too much detail to summarize here.  Some of those were:

  • Crosswalks, sidewalks and speeding and how to improve pedestrian safety. What steps Council will take to address these.  Looking at trying to ‘take back’ 20 streets from the State.  North Main is one of these.  Looking at idea of “Slow your Roll”…roads without yellow lines will have lowered speed limits similar to school zones…just one of many options to slow traffic.
  • Notification of development, including improved signage, increasing notification radius for neighbors and better online information. Focus was on Wade Hampton Storage Unit project and the emphasis on mixed use…not two storage units within close proximity.
  • Transit and affordable housing. Budget for expanding transit to make it more available to those who need it.  Pressure from business community for better system for their workers.  How is city working with county on the economics of improving transit system.  Discussion of need for more affordable housing and can there be a dedicated annual funding source. How to pay for it?  Housing Trust Fund.  Currently a 2500 unit shortage of affordable housing in Greenville.  Much of the development has displaced people who are in the low-income category.  Where do they go.  How to keep them in their homes.  Discussion of Unity Park and issues faced there.
  • Clearcutting and what the city can do to better enforce current ordinances and implement new, stricter ordinances, especially for existing residences.
  • City has begun work on the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. They encouraged residents to get involved. The question was asked about the possibility of a separate North Main comprehensive plan or neighborhood plans for the 40 neighborhoods in Greenville.
  • Dog parks. Are there any plans to find a new location since the one at Cleveland Park was lost.
  • Parks and Community Center.

This is only a VERY brief listing of some of the topics covered.  If you want more details, we encourage you to watch the livestream video which will be archived on the Greenville Online site.


Town Hall Meeting Topics Covered
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