Summit Drive Alcohol Rehabilitation House Meeting

Summit Drive Alcohol Rehabilitation House Meeting


Please note:  The North Main Community Association (NMCA) does not take a position or promote any one opinion regarding issues such as this.  Our purpose is to get information to our members on pertinent issues as we receive them.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Council Member John DeWorken at or 864-905-5529, or Council Member Dorothy Dowe at or 864-884-4444.


City Council Member John DeWorken held a neighborhood meeting on July 13 to give neighbors an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns about the alcohol rehabilitation house opened at 315 Summit Drive.  Kyle Marsh is the Founder of Next Steps Today.

Mr. Marsh’s opening comments were:

  • Saw a need to provide ‘after care’ for individuals from addiction programs who are trying to get back into mainstream life.
  • They do background checks and residents are not sex-offenders.
  • The program is fully insured and certified.


Some of the major concerns voiced included:

  • supervision of individuals in homes
  • type of individuals in homes
  • number per house and additional facilities in area
  • Lack of community engagement and knowledge prior to opening
  • Effect on property values near homes
  • Who pays for their stay and how long are they there
  • Concern about proximity to school and children walking in neighborhood
  • Lack of fit for the neighborhood
  • Affiliation with Miracle Hill or other organizations
  • Did the property owner not consider the neighbors when renting this house to Mr. Marsh?


Mr. Marsh’s response to the concerns included:

  • Next Steps is on record as a non-profit. The monthly fees vary by individual and are paid to Next Steps to cover books, hats, t-shirts, etc.  Much of their funding comes from donations.  There is no government funding.
  • In terms of supervision, he indicated they have volunteers coming in during the day and there is a house manager on site 24/7.
  • There are 5 men at the house on Summit. It is a 3BR/2bath and he has no plans to increase that number, indicating a ‘quality of life’ issue.  The average time residing at the property is about 1 ½ years.
  • There are 6 total homes with one within city limits but an additional one is planned, possibly on North Park Dr. There is one in Gower and 2 on Willow Springs.  They have reportedly had no problems at other facilities.  They are trying to raise funds for a larger facility which would negate the need for individual homes.
  • These individuals are not sex offenders and are currently in recovery. If found to be using, this would end protection under the Fair Housing Act (FHA).  Alcohol and drug addiction are covered under the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act and the FHA.  Federal law supersedes state and local law.
  • There are cameras and when someone goes in or out and Mr. Marsh gets notification on his phone. He is currently looking into more advanced ADT or Vivent® security systems.
  • The city does not monitor the meaning of ‘single family home’ and there are no signs and no plans for signs to indicate the type of facility this is.
  • This is not a transitional house for Miracle Hill. Their only connection is that Mr. Marsh still does some teaching there.
  • He indicated that lack of communication with the neighborhood was not intended. They had an open house in June which was not publicized but with future homes, he will try and improve and be more transparent.
  • The property owner has 3 other houses that are rented to the program and he indicated he has not heard any problems and thus felt it was not an issue.
Summit Drive Alcohol Rehabilitation House Meeting
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