2020 NMCA Decals

We have had a few businesses ask about 2020 NMCA Business Decals.  Due in part to COVID, this was just something that slipped through the cracks and we did not get them made.  Since we are carrying over memberships to next year due to lack of activity this year, we will be making 2021 decals and will make them available to all business members.  We do have the generic decals without dates if you would like one.  See image below.

For our residential members, we still have a supply of decals if you would like them for your car, etc.  It is helpful in getting our name out there and increasing visibility.  Just send an email to northmaincomm@gmail.com and give us an address and how many you need and we’ll get them to you asap.  We try to send them to all new members, but don’t always have addresses.

Again, we do not share emails, addresses, etc. with any third party.

Thanks and say safe!


2020 NMCA Decals
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