Critical (negative) changes to Infill Ordinance

NMCA president Bob Bainbridge read the infill ordinance to be presented this afternoon and found the following change from the one that was approved by the Planning Commission.  It dramatically changes the issue of tree protection and replacement and essentiallyRead more

NMCA Newsletter (02/14)

              *The Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of most months at 6:30 PM at the Bobby Pearse Community Center …check the website for the date of the next meeting or email pgilreath@aol.comRead more

NMCA Newsletter 2013 Holiday Edition

              Wishing everyone a very peaceful and happy holiday season, shared with family and friends.   (Editor’s note:  This year due to travel plans and the busy season, we are combining the November andRead more

Monday’s Infill Ordinance Presentation Link

Many of you were not able to attend Monday’s City Council Work Session on the Infill Ordinance and we have had several requests for summaries.  We requested that the city make the presentation available but since it is so large, they have postedRead more